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logoWhy Join Hoosier Vapers?

Hoosier Vapers Inc is dedicated to the public promotion and defense of vaping in Indiana. As one unified voice, we represent the interests of both the industry and the community;

  • brick and mortar shops
  • online retailers
  • mod makers
  • eliquid manufacturers
  • wholesalers/distributors
  • and consumers

Membership is open to all levels of the vaping industry, including those outside Indiana. Membership is also available to individual consumers as well as to other trade and advocacy organizations and academics.

What does Hoosier Vapers do?


Hoosier Vapers believes it is imperative for industry and community leaders to actively participate in productive discussions with the public, local elected officials, state legislators, and the ATC. Hoosier Vapers provides ongoing education, tools and support to ensure both you and your customers are fully informed and prepared.

We actively participate in local health fairs and expos, to ensure that false or misleading information is not being disseminated to the public by misguided anti-tobacco advocates. We also work to create public education campaigns to counter any false or misleading information about the public health and safety risks of vaping, as compared to tobacco smoking.


Our greatest asset is our story. The stories shared by countless Hoosiers that have started living healthier lives thanks to vaping. It’s through our collective of shared experiences and individual paths that makes us such a vibrant and dedicated community.

Hoosier Vapers started as a social club of vapers who wanted to meetup, talk shop, and also to do something to prevent vaping bans and ridiculous regulations and taxes.

That spirit of consumer activism is ingrained in our DNA. We offer regional meetups and events to promote local shops, contests, educational programs (like coil building and battery safety), and just to keep the family together and connected.


We believe that in order for the vaping industry to be treated with respect and legitimacy, we must act professionally. As such, Hoosier Vapers works with professional lobbyists to ensure the interests of the vaping industry and community are heard. We maintain an active dialog with ranking members of the state legislature and attend Statehouse hearings and political functions.

Before the state and local governments are allowed to exert authority or limits over the manufacture, sale, and public use of vapor products, we believe they must first demonstrate that there is a credible scientific basis for the regulation or limitation. We know that the weight of scientific evidence concludes that the public health and safety risks associated with vaping and e-cigarettes, regardless of how a politician or an anti-tobacco advocate may perceive vaping, are minimal or non-existent comparable to the well-known and thoroughly documented health and safety risks of tobacco smoking.

We continue to work with legislators and other elected officials to create sensible tobacco harm reduction programs and policies that utilize and promote the safe and public usage of vaping products.

How is Hoosier Vapers funded?

The Hoosier Vapers board of directors operates off a set annual budget to maximize our ability to meet our legislative, regulatory and campaign goals. We use an annual fundraising plan that includes membership dues, convention/expo revenue, and donations.

We are in the process of securing our IRS classification as a 501(c)(4) “social welfare” organization. As such, industry level membership dues and donations will be tax deductible as a business expense, excluding any proportional share of funds spent on direct lobbying. You will be sent an annual statement with potential tax deductible amount outlined. Consumer level membership dues and donations are not tax deductible.


Membership Benefits Include?

Industry Membership (click here for Application)

  • Invitations to member only events
  • Exclusive member-only content
  • Exclusive vendor resource center
  • Legislative and regulatory updates (including Indiana, national, and out-of-state)
  • Compliance support
  • Discounted booth/sponsor rates for Hoosier Vapers events and conferences/expos
  • Discounted group memberships for employees
  • Logo and website included in the Hoosier Vapers member directory
  • Membership decal for store
  • Monthly Q&A conference call
  • Inclusion in NEW Consumer Member regional “Welcome” kit
  • Voting rights at annual convention
  • Monthly newsletter
  • Opportunity to serve on Hoosier Vapers committees

Consumer Membership (click here for Application)

  • Invitations to member only events
  • Exclusive member-only content
  • Membership card
  • Voting rights at annual convention
  • Monthly newsletter
  • Opportunity to serve on Hoosier Vapers committees

Out of State Membership?

Yes! Consumer and businesses from outside Indiana can join and support Hoosier Vapers. You get the same benefits as in-state members, excluding voting rights.

Out of State Industry Membership (click here for Application)

Out of State Consumer Membership (click here for Application)

Join Now!

Are you ready to do you part to support the vaping industry and community in Indiana? Click on and fill out the Membership Application. Once you submit your application you can pay your Membership Dues online or with a check sent via USPS.