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Rally at the Statehouse March 4th

Calling All Vapers… rally at the Statehouse in Indianapolis this Wednesday, 3/4/15, to protect vaping from burdensome regulation.  Meet in the rotunda just past security check at 11:45 AM.

What is happening?  The state senate policy committee is hearing HB 1432 (the mirror to SB 539) which requires anyone supplying vaping liquid to Indiana comply with regulations that will increase costs to every Hoosier vaper IF the bill pass as it is currently written.  These bills, SB 539 and HB 1432, have a number of damaging provisions that the Hoosier Vapers’ Council and Shop Owners have been gravely concerned with from the beginning.  There have been a few minor amendments added that slightly lessened the impact, but more needs to be done.

What can you do?  Show up and be seen!   (Yes, it can be that simple!)

There will be signs available and some I Vape & I Vote shirts also so everybody will know where you stand.  (With your fellow vapers, of course.)  The hearing starts at 1:00 PM and we want the State Senators to see us as they come back from lunch for the hearing!


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