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Rally at the Statehouse March 30th

***Rally at the Statehouse at 1:30 pm EST Monday Mar 30th, Tuesday Mar 31st, and Thursday April 2nd***

Last week vapers from all around the state rallied at the Statehouse and we accomplished some great things!

Unfortunately we are not safe yet. HB 1432 was pulled back to second reading in the Senate so it can be amended….Show up and let senators know it must be amended! SB 539 is scheduled for hearing in committee in the House…Show up and let Representatives know vapers are NOT happy with effectively banning sales of liquid produced out of state, making production of liquid in state incredibly expensive (if not impossible), closing over 100 vape shops, and putting over 1000 vapers out of work.

Your presence has a greater impact than calls, letters, and emails. People visibly united in a cause has tremendous impact on these legislators. They have to see you as they go about their business. Vaping has made your life better and these legislators need to see the people they are affecting, the people who would be worse if these bills pass as they are.

You made your choice to vape. Now stand up for your choice! Show up. Put faces to the words in the bills. Be respectful and polite.


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