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Vape Shop Owners on Al Jazeer America

Mike Cline, owner of Indy Vapor Shop, and Tony Reed, owner of Indigo Vapor, were interviewed by Al Jazeera America.

From the article:

Mike Cline, 64, started selling electronic cigarettes almost by accident. A lifelong smoker, he took the advice of his son and on Nov. 7, 2009, tried a popular alternative to smoking cigarettes. He inhaled from an e-cigarette.

“I haven’t wanted a cigarette since then. This has been a miracle,” Cline said.

Miracle or not, his discovery of e-cigarettes, battery-operated devices that turn nicotine-laced liquid into a vapor that is inhaled, led to a business. He began selling e-cigarette starter kits at a coin store he owned in Indianapolis, and they proved so popular, he eventually opened up the Indy Vapor Shop and sold his other business, which he had run for 32 years.

But lately he is worried about the health of his e-cigarette establishment. He fears that new regulations being proposed in Indiana to govern the fast-growing industry will stunt his company’s growth….

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